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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Almost There...

Yes, I am still moving.
It's a month long process. Easing in, ya know.

Meanwhile, here is an INSANE stunt provided 100% CGI free for your pleasure...

...My question to you is, if this was made today, would it be CGI, or at the very least composited?


  1. Good question, i'd imagine it would be completely done in CGI simply for health and safety reasons. It's a pretty epic stunt especially when the fireball engulfs the car and actor when he hits the ground. It lends more weight and tension to the scene as the audience actually knows this stunt was 'for real' and anything could of gone wrong in the filming as opposed to the safety of a CGI train, car, flames and possibly even the actor.

  2. Agreed. I saw this film almost 15 years ago and it was the only scene I remembered. It stuck with me because it was a "HOLY CRAP, DID YOU SEE THAT?" scene. If it was done CGI, it would have had no dramatic impact whatsoever.