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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The trolls in "Troll 2" looked more convincing

Why, oh why would you make a film in “Blair Witch” documentary style, and make the monsters absolutely craptastically CGI? I’m talking about SyFy quality. It’s really appalling and insulting to look at. We’re supposed to get into a “documentary” film about trolls when the trolls they show are 2D cartoons?

New “Death To CGI” rule: If you are making a shaky cam documentary and need to have obscured humanoid shapes appear from time to time, spend time to MAKE THE FLIPPIN’ COSTUMES! I guarantee the audience will laugh less.

Dammit Norway! What the hell?


  1. Rubbish! Come back to reality! Physical effects are awesome! But combined correctly with CGI, it' way better! And costume-trolls in this film would limit all the camera movements totally. We are talking about giant monster which would mean motion controlled cameras... AND digital composting ANYWAY... and again, a bigger budget (moco is expensive). You wouldn't have the handheld look because it would be impossible to moco such long handheld sequences on a low budget film.

    I'm a physical fx and miniature fan. But you my friend, leave too much in the 80's....

  2. And by the way... It is a comedy! So people are meant to laugh. ;)