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Thursday, December 2, 2010

CGI serves no good to no one!

There are many reasons to hate CGI.

But if you can only have one reason, it's this...

If it wasn't for CGI, this commercial wouldn't exist!


What the hell Orangina?

(by the way: am I the only one who pronounces it "Orangyna" as in Vagina?)


  1. First off, what a stupid ad: Orangina just got scammed by that ad agency--suckers! If I were a Frenchman, I'd yell at my TV (because I do that anyway), "From now on, I will mix ze Tropicana with ze seltzer wah-ter, and make my ohwn Oran-gyna!"
    Secondly, this might have been more palatable had it been traditional cartoon animation or stop-motion. Is a CGI commercial that much faster (or cheaper) to make than a commercial using other animation?
    Anyway, I'm glad to see Europe has stupid, retarded, fucking shitty commercials, too--I'm sick about hearing how ads over there are so much more creative...
    (Glad to see you back, Turnidoff!)

  2. Obviously this was meant for furries, people who are into or dream of beastiality (sadly those people are out there), and folks who are into any other related subculture/messed up fetish. I can't tell you how many pictures are on the internet of animals with human female... parts and shapes (some of which aren't mammals, so they wouldn't even freaking have busts). There's probably some out there with human male parts too, but I'm not looking. In cartoons, it's sort of understandable and funny like in Looney Toons shorts or in Happy Feet, but artwork, games, videos and what not people make to get off too? EWWW...