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Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Thing (2011) Trailer First Impression

What do you guys think?...

It seems to me that "Prequel" is the lazy way of saying, "Let's make the same story in the same locale, give it the same name, but replace Kurt Russell with a 24 year old no nonsense woman and dumb down the terror by over explaining things and make the alien morphing effects CGI even though the original could do it impressively CGI-free 30 years ago."

And what was with that sting at the end? It looked horrible!

Help us Rob Bottin... You're our only hope.

For contrast:


  1. yeah the new trailer is disappointing. the cgi looks like shit. they just dont make movies like they used to.

  2. This movie looks like a train wreck. Pointless beyond pointless. There is zero suspense to, they all die. The story was sufficiently explained in Carpenter's "The Thing". Why are they speaking English? Why did I hear the Predator trill at the 58 second mark?

  3. And you are stupid and lacking inside knowledge.