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Friday, October 14, 2011

THE THING (2011) thoughts...

For those of you seeing The Thing (2011) which opens today, give me your thoughts in the comments. How were the practical effects? Was CGI used a bit too liberally or excessively? Was it really necessary? Let me know!

I'll be in my trailer.


  1. Actually, I didn't come to theater to see the prequel. To do the Thing in CGI sounds as blaspheme...

  2. the movie is great,they did good job at keeping the atmosphere the same,as for the effects there is cgi...BUT it looks like it's not cgi!at least it's not bad cgi.of course it wasn't necessary,how can it be?

  3. The film's practical effects were so "enhanced" by CG that it looked like it was all CG. Anything involving a human face and the creature was absolutely laughable.

    The movie stunk and the ONLY saving point was that it ended with the dog running away from the if to say "look, we didn't change anything! Don't hate us!"